Hi. I'm Marcellin!

I always have been excited about lights and nature.
My goal is to share with you the endless beauty of the places where I love to recharge my batteries. 🔋

My childhood in Leysin, a ski resort in Swiss Alps, gave me the love of nature. In 2006, at 22 years old I had worked in a mountain pasture called "chalet d'Isenau". I had to gather the cows each morning at the sunrise to milk them and help to make cheese.

I haven't missed the sunset in two months. It has changed me.

Not everybody wants to sleep on the top of the mountains and wakes up before the sun. It's cold in winter, and the storm is never far in summer. To give access to the infinite beauty of nature is essential to me. It's something that everybody should see, even comfortably sitting on a sofa 😁

I hope you will enjoy it.

All the photos are copyrighted by Marcellin Piguet

Please contact me if you want to use one of them.